“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible”

Kim Clavel



At just 26, Kim Clavel won the gold medal at the continental championships. It was at this exact moment, when her hand was raised to declare her champion of the Americas, that the athlete felt a page of her career turn. She was always attracted to boxing, but feeling that she had not "done enough" according to her, she remained in the amateur ranks. In the light from his recent exploits, we can say that going to the professional was the best decision of his life!

It was in 2006 that the boxer started her career ... and her passion. Originally from Crabtree, Kim went to the doors of the Boxing Club where she met coach Michel Morin. Immediately, their complicity makes them reap victories. With many provincial titles won as well as the bronze medal at the Canadian championship, they become Joliette's stars when she wins gold at the 2010 national championships. She is barely 19 years old, but she already represents Canada internationally.


In 2011, at three weeks of the Canadian championships, everything changes. Kim then works in a screen factory, and his hand goes under a steamroller. The nerve is affected and for 3 months she will not feel in half of her hand. This is the nightmare of any athlete.

All the same, she is attending the Canadian championships to encourage
her teammates on the national team. She observes Coach Danielle Bouchard and the method she plans with her fighters. 
The team dynamics and work of this experienced woman begins to intrigue Kim.

Some time later, when the hand of the boxer is restored, Danielle
and Michel agree to jointly train Kim. The arrival of Danielle had a big impact on Kim, who has a lot of confidence for his new coach. Already having an impressive offensive, his defense surpasses demand. Then, always looking for new challenges, she moved to Montreal to begin nursing studies. She will represent Montreal Boxing Club.


And the adventure continues ... Kim does not waste time. Quickly, thanks
With the help of this new formation which frames her and her great personal motivation, she climbs the ladder again. At the 2012 Canadian Championship, Kim wins gold for a second time! She's back in 
the ring! During her 6 years on the national team, she climbed to the 5th rank in the world thanks to her great performances. With a 65th victory in 80 fights, she ends her amateur career with pride.


Always supervised by former professional boxer Danielle Bouchard, who already visualizes the greatness of her protégé in future rings, Kim feels ready and above all well equipped to face the challenges ahead. No matter the mission that awaits her, she is ready to do anything to accomplish it.


The preparation of our new professional boxer will be completed within 3 years, by 2021, and it aims for nothing less than the World Champion belt.


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