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Kim Clavel in five questions

Kim Clavel in five questions Kim Clavel (3-0-0), the first woman contracted by Eye of the Tiger Management, to face Mexican Cynthia Martinez (4-2-1) on October 13 at the Casino de Montreal, in a sub-card duel between Erik Bazynian and Francy Ntêtu. In anticipation of Clavel's fourth professional fight, which has been a five-time Canadian amateur champion, and who trains primarily at the Claude-Robillard Center under the supervision of Danielle Bouchard, 12Rounds.ca has spoken with her.

Kim Clavel is ready for her fight against mexican Cinthia Martinez

1 - Why boxing? Kim Clavel (KC): Why Boxing? To tell the truth, I do not know it and I still ask the question !!! It could have been another sport, but at that point I crossed the road to a boxing club. It was destiny! I have always been a sportswoman at heart, a competitor with the desire to be constantly the best. Before I started boxing at age 15, I did not know anything about this sport. It was completely unknown to me, except that I knew people were hitting each other. I saw the Joliette Boxing Club for the first time in my life when I was 15 and it coincided with a time when my life was more difficult. The boxing club brought me a sense of belonging, a second family, a team. I fell in love with this sport and I escaped through it. He always kept me in the right path and helped to stay strong. Boxing was then my motivation and certainly accounted for 95% of my happiness during this period of my life. 2- Why did you choose to become a professional? KC: I always knew that I was going to box professional one day, and my coach Danielle Bouchard always knew it too. She always advised me and retained to make the big jump at the right time. Since my amateur weight was not present at the Olympics, I made the jump to the professionals once I had the feeling of the accomplished duty in the amateurs. My gold medal at the continental championship (2017) in Honduras was the end point of my amateur career. During my last fight, I fought for gold and I won! Working and boxing pro is not easy every day, but it is possible. You have to organize and be disciplined. [Kim Clavel is a nursing assistant in the birth unit of a hospital in the Lanaudière region, Ed]. I dream, for sure, to be able one day to dedicate all my energy to my professional career, and I know that I will eventually find the way and do it.

3 - What are the differences in your preparation between your career with amateurs and professionals? KC: Actually, there was nothing so surprising when you went from one to the other. It was rather an adaptation of style. For my part, I already had in the amateurs a style that looked a little like that of professionals. It just had to be tweaked. Put a lot of time on the defensive movements, improve the quality of the punches, work perhaps a little less in quantity and more in quality, and learn to hurt the adversary! Also, the way to protect yourself is different because you do not have a helmet and the gloves are smaller. For the moment, I have only fought four rounds, so the changes in fitness will come quietly as we add more rounds to my fights. I look forward ! 4 - What time do you consider the most beautiful or meaningful since you took your first steps in a ring? KC: Certainly my gold medal at the Honduras Continental Championship in 2017 brought me a sense of accomplishment! But my most beautiful MOMENT was certainly my entrance to the ring during my first professional fight at Place Bell [December 16, 2017, Ed] in card sub menu of Lemieux / Saunders !!! Wowww! There was a big poster with my picture, the music I had chosen for my entry, all the people in the room, the march to the ring, boarding the ring without a helmet, the noise all around: I have just shudder to rethink! To live that with my coach, it was magic. I was so excited that I ran to the ring without waiting for my coaches and my team. "Hahaha," they almost had to run to get to the ring with me too.

5 - What can fans expect from Kim Clavel for next year? KC: The next year will be for me an active year of learning and experience! For the first time, I will compete in six rounds and probably eight rounds as well. My fans should expect a Kim who gets better every time, who gets more and more seasoned through exciting fights in the big world of pros. For the future, what I would dream of, it would be of course boxing in Las Vegas on HBO waves, under-card Vasyl Lomachenko or GGG or Anthony Joshua, against one of the girls of Golden Boy Promotions, for example Marlen Esparza or Seniesa Estrada. Or even in the world championship against Anabel Ortiz, the current WBA Champion in the Straw Division.