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If Kim Clavel needs to relax, you will find her, in Saint-Liguori, in the middle of twenty horses, at his mother's ranch.

Away from the boxing ring and operating rooms at the Joliette hospital where she works, the 27-year-old boxer and nurse finds her roots, so to speak.

Kim and her older sister grew up with their mom's passion. Raised in the countryside, especially at Saint-Calixte and Crabtree, Linda Caron's daughters were introduced to riding at the age of three.

"At six months old, she was sitting on a horse! With us of course, we did not leave her alone, "recalls her mother. "Before walking, she was on a horse."

Mom Linda has always raised her daughters in simplicity. His daughters did not have Nintendo or designer clothes, but they could boast of being able to ride horses or ponies. Animals, nature and fresh air, that's all his kids needed. The young Kim quickly found a model: her mother, a single mother, was the symbol of the invincible woman.

"He was my youthful hero. My mother was strong, she was muscular, I wanted to be like her, "says the small and tough boxer in the mid-flyweight.

From horseback riding to boxing

After a few years of equestrian competitions, it is by practicing taekwondo that she realized that she was made for boxing. Member of the national team for seven years, five-time Canadian champion in amateur boxing ... in short, you know the rest.

On April 7, at Center Videotron, in her third professional fight, Kim will try to add a third win to her hunt table.

"I do not know my opponent yet, but I do not care. She's going to have arms, a head, she's going to punch me, I'm going to box her up. No matter who, I'm going to box it as best I can. "

And of course, Mom Linda will be there.

"Through Kim, I live a lot. I was a sportswoman also younger. When I see Kim, I feel all that. "