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A professional women's boxing fight in Rimouski

During the boxing gala to be held Saturday in Rimouski, a female professional boxing fight will be presented.

Montreal's Kim Clavel will face Mexican Ana Victoria Polo in a six-round duel.

A text by Marie-Christine Rioux

Kim Clavel, who has a long career in the amateur circuit, is in his fifth professional fight.

"I have a good experience, then, in professional boxing, quietly, we show the ladder. Things are going well. From combat to combat, we see an improvement, an adaptation to professional boxing", says the boxer.

This is the first time she will play a six-round match. She says she's ready for Saturday's fight.

"This week-end, I know that the girl is here to win. Then, that's good because I too. So, it's going to be a girl who is aggressive, who has experience."

- Kim Clavel, boxer

Kim Clavel is the only woman among the 20 boxers of the promoter Eye of the Tiger, organizer of Saturday's gala.

She is a girl with enormous potential. [She is] national champion in amateur boxing, says the general director of Eye of the Tiger, Anthonin Decarie.

Female boxing differs from men's boxing in some respects. A women's boxing match has 10 rounds of two minutes, while a men's boxing match has 12 rounds of three minutes.

The main fight will be between Montreal's Steven Butler and Mexican Jesus Antonio Gutierrez.

Steven Butler possède 25 victoires pour une seule défaite en carrière. Il a 23 ans. Le jeune boxeur a commencé à pratiquer son sport à 11 ans.

Il est champion de la World Boxing Council (WBC) francophone et cinquième au monde de la World Boxing Association (WBO).