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Kim Clavel: a passion for all things

On June 15 in Shawinigan, Kim Clavel will face Mexican Nora Cardoza (14-6-2, 6 KW)

While Clavel (8-0-0, 2 KO) is confident about this duel, she still has a lot of respect for her rival, known for her tough fights in the ring.

"She is a pioneer of professional boxing in Mexico. She is known to have fought wars in several battles. She's a girl who's tall and has a good range. We'll have to adjust and manage the distance well."

An infernal sequence

Surprising as it may seem, the fight she is about to wage against Cardoza will be her fourth in just six months.

"The hardest thing after a confrontation is to get back into another fight right away, mentally. It's very demanding. Often, training camps are even more difficult than the fight itself. I have to do my preparation, but also my weight loss, sparrings, jogging, fitness sessions..."

However, the fighter's enthusiasm and desire to win are never far away.

"Four fights in six months, it's certainly demanding, but I have so much passion that it was done "like in butter"."

A well-deserved break

Nevertheless, any human being who finishes such a crazy sequence deserves to take a break.

And that's exactly what Kim Clavel plans to do the day after his duel on June 15.

"I'm going to Cuba for 17 days with my backpack! I'm going alone and it'll do me good to be alone with myself."

Full-time boxer

Several elements suggest that Clavel, upon his return from Cuba, will have all the tools at his disposal to move to the next level.

First, she will undoubtedly be rested, but above all, she will be able to devote 100% of her time to professional boxing as of August 5, something she does not remember having already done.

As an auxiliary nurse, she decided to take a sabbatical year and will therefore have plenty of time to work... on herself!

"I will live my dream of only focusing on boxing and being a 100% athlete. I hope that little Kim will become an international in professional boxing."

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